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We know you'll have plenty of other important things to attend to during your event. One thing you won't have to worry about is the behind-the-scenes, technical aspect of auction fundraising software. We can provide, install and manage the computer equipment systems and auction management software needed for your event, including silent auction software and auction accounting software.

Just point us to your power source, and we're good to go:

  • Comprehensive auction fundraising software — including proven auction management software systems for guests, sponsors, donors and items.
  • All computer and networking equipment — we bring it to you.
  • Onsite, experienced event consultant(s) — who will manage computers and auction fundraising software, including specialized silent auction software and auction accounting software.
  • Trained, onsite computer operators and cashiers — who can supplement your employees and volunteers, as needed.
  • Convenient pre-swiping and credit card processing — including reconciliation of credit card terminals.
  • Paperless, electronic touch screen bidding — no manual data entry.
  • Immediate checkout — no waiting in long lines ever!
  • Instant notification after silent auction closes — our silent auction software makes it easy.
  • Comprehensive reports on auction performance — providing complete, post-event analysis and the information necessary for planning next year's event.

Auction Fundraising Software: The Right Tools For Your Job.

You'll save both time and money — regardless of the size of your event. There are many types of auction management software out there. Based on years of experience, we recommend the following fundraising management software packages.

  • Auction-TrackerTM 6.00 — Simply the best software available for managing non-profit events and charity events.
  • A'Thon-TrackerTM — Whether you’re planning a walk, run, bowl-a-thon or similar activity, this flexible fundraising software makes managing these special events much easier.
  • Tournament-TrackerTM — Manage benefit golf tournaments of any size and configuration, from pre-event activities to event day and beyond.
  • Banquet-TrackerTM — Tired of using several different databases or spreadsheets to manage your fundraising banquet? Banquet-Tracker gives you everything you need in one convenient package.

Additional Features You'll Like

  • Easy-to-implement, time-proven technology.
  • Flexible design, consistent processes with real-time fundraising practices.
  • Scalable to meet your continuing fundraising needs.
  • Enter auction data only once for document production, billings/receipts, auction night and much more.
  • Capable of easily importing or exporting constituent data from any donor management or third-party database application.
  • Print your own bid sheets, certificates, catalogs and personalized letters.
  • No annual license fees, per-work station fees or gross percent take.
  • Affordable upgrades, and updates are always free.

Ongoing Professional Support

Our professional consultants have used our computers and auction management software systems for years. They are experts about every aspect of the processes needed for your successful event. Afterward, they can assist you and your staff with all of the necessary follow-up details too, such as reports and personalized thank-you letters to your guests and sponsors.

Contact Auction Event Solutions to find out more about our auction management software.

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