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Complete Reports — Just The Way You Need Them

After the last guest leaves, we know you still have work to do. Post-event follow-up is crucial to successful nonprofit event management. Our auction management software has the report capabilities that will give you detailed event analysis with pinpoint accuracy:

  • Which donated items were most popular?
  • Which items brought in the most profit?
  • All aspects of income, including detailed reports.

Auction Management Software

Auction-TrackerTM 6.00 is the right tool for the job. This auction management software package produces more than 200 reports with just a click. You can export post-event analysis reports to your screen, printer, favorite spreadsheet, Adobe PDF and Dynamic HTML for easy publication on your organization's intranet. You may also email reports to staff, volunteers and constituents directly from your desktop.

Best of all, you only have to enter data into the system once. It's just another reason why Auction-TrackerTM 6.00 is the leading software for charity event management and nonprofit event management.

You'll save both time and money — regardless of the size of your event. Plus, Auction-TrackerTM 6.00 will give you valuable insights for future event planning.

  • Executive summary detailing each participant’s activities, including sponsorships, attendance and purchases.
  • Personalized thank-you letters to sponsors, donors, volunteers and guests.
    • Smart Tip: Include a personalized executive summary for each guest or sponsor with your thank-you note.
  • Post-event reconciliation, including credit card processing. Our software links with credit card terminals to finalize all credit charges and post payments into the system.
  • Detailed cost-analysis reports with the IRS-compliant documentation you’ll need.
  • Detailed, analytical reports with recommendations for ideas and items for future charity events and nonprofit events.

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