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At Your Next Silent Auction

Try these well-tested tips for better results:

  1. Item Placement: Group items by category. Keep them in catalog numerical order so they will be easier to find during the item collection process. Post category signs for each area.
  2. Use Description Sheets: Each item should have a full-page description sheet that includes retail value and any restrictions or limitations. Use Auction-TrackerTM to mail merge this information onto attractively bordered paper that fits the theme of your event. Place description sheet into a Lucite frame for easy viewing. (We have Lucite frames that you can rent.)
  3. Displaying the items: Use creative display techniques. The venue may provide boxes, milk crates and table linens that will give you a more dynamic visual effect. Display clothing items on mannequins or hangers. Use Lucite display boxes for sports memorabilia.
  4. Select "Super Silent" items: Place your best items in the most visible, high-traffic locations possible. You can call this section the "Super Silent" auction. It can close after your last silent auction category.
  5. Create item packages: You can easily create a package of similar goods or services that will bring in more revenue than if the items sold separately. *Check out the packaging tool in Auction-TrackerTM!
  6. Make bidding easy: Use silent auction bid sheets with pre-defined bid amounts. This way, guests just need to jot down the bid number (and name if you wish). Be sure to provide a pen next to each auction item.
  7. Item announcements: Give your auctioneer or event emcee a list of the silent auction items. Encourage bidding by calling out the latest bid price on the featured items.
  8. Closing the silent auction: Make periodic announcements of the closing time for each section of the silent auction. Your auctioneer should count down the final closing time so the auction volunteers can close each item as quickly as possible.

Contact Auction Event Solutions for more information about our silent auction software and non-profit event management solutions.

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