Here at Auction Event Solutions we have seen firsthand the affects COVID-19 is having on the spring fundraising season and seasons to come. We have a few ideas that may help save a little of the much-needed fundraising revenue.

Don’t Give Up

First don’t give up, before you just flat out cancel your event consider rescheduling it.  I know what you are thinking “but the fall season is already so full”. Consider pushing it to the summer months if your area opens back up to events by summer; summers are traditionally not so popular for fundraising so venders, venues and guests could be more readily available.

In the past July and August have been avoided for fundraising events because our guests are usually vacationing but this year we will likely see less summer travel happening, this could mean your guests just might be available to attend your event.

With the summer months not being as popular, vendors might have openings and allow you to just reschedule without much penalty. Here in California we have amazing weather year-round so why not take advantage of it.

Move Your Auction Online

If rescheduling is not an option and you have already procured your items for auction, you might want to consider moving your auction online.  Some of the auction management software options that Auction Event Solutions works with not only offer great online auction platforms, but are also offering great discounts right now to nonprofits that have had to cancel events.

This could be a great option to get rid of the items you already have and bring in at least some of the lost revenue with minimal work. Give us a call if you need help wading through all the software choices out there, we can also help you make sure the online auction looks and runs great.

Live Donation-a-thon

If you have a little more time and are willing to do a bit of work, there is a fun way you could try to make some of your needed spring revenue. Use your social media to hold a “donation-a-thon” or even do your gala live on one of your social pages.

Host a live on Facebook, Instagram or have a whole Gala on YouTube. You can have a live auctioneer raffling off items and have people donate during the online live event. You can take donations by website, call in, or we can help you set up a text to donate system. Check out our  recent project working with the Boys & Girls Club of Capistrano Valley’s virtual live gala event!

You will have to do a bit of work to get the word out as you will need to have enough people watching the live to not only make it fun and entertaining but profitable.  You could really make this fun…think the old Jerry Lewis style telethon idea or you could even do the program you planned for your event.

Depending on the social media page you use some will allow you to have different people join in from different places, keeping social distance that way but fun to watch.

Future of Fundraising

The future of large fundraising events is unknown, even when/if we get to return to them, so let’s take this time to change up the old way of doing things.  Take a bit from the old “Jerry Lewis” telethon idea that worked so well for so long and mix it up.  When you decide to do an event, think about adding some entertainment to spice things up; maybe a great band, a comedian or even dancers for the run of show.  This COVID setback is just that, a setback – not the end – so let us help you come up with great new ideas taken from this new virtual world and make Galas even better than they were before.

We Are In This Together

Auction Event Solutions can help you in this confusing time, we can help you from the start, figuring out your best plan or getting your online auction set up and we can even mange your virtual fund-raiser so it all runs smoothly. Contact us at: